Spanish Ham

Health and Spanish Ham

Pork has always formed part of Spanish culture. But of all the products derived from pigs Iberian Ham is probably the best appreciated, for both its nutritional and gastronomic value.

According to recent research into nutrition and dietetics by gastronomy specialists, Iberian Ham is not only one of the most nutritious, exquisite of products but it is also rich in the proteins needed to keep the human organism in good shape, and provides vitamins B1, B6, B12. It is also a source of the folic acid so beneficial to the nervous system and the correct functioning of the brain. It is rich in minerals such as copper, which is vital for bones and cartilages, iron and phosphorus.

Thanks to the pigs diet of acorns, almost half (48.2%) of the fat in Iberian ham contains natural oleic acid, the most effective substance for offsetting the effects of cardiovascular illnesses. As a result, the Iberian pig has often been called an “olive on legs”.

A strong antioxidant, Iberian Ham has a high Vitamin E content. If eaten with tomato (bread with ham and tomato), its beneficial effects as an antioxidant are doubled.

Iberian Ham contains around 300 kcal/100 gr, which makes it perfectly compatible with a low calorie diet.

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